Florida Laws and Government Issues: What are the Environmental Laws in Florida?

Florida Laws and Government Issues: What are the Environmental Laws in Florida?

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Florida is one of the best countries in the USA. Moreover, Florida is not only good for structural buildings, but it has a clean environment or surroundings. Do you know why? Well, fortunately, Florida has implemented environmental laws.

Taking care of nature or environment is also applied in Florida. Likewise, they are also prioritizing the environment. So, do you want to know more about Florida?

If that so, here are some environmental laws you should know in Florida. However, it is a big help for you to know more about Florida.

Furthermore, the government implemented the environmental laws to conserve natural resources.

By conserving natural resources, it balances the environmental protection with public health, energy production, and economic growth.  Otherwise, that is the reason for implementing environmental policy.

So, here are some environmental laws that protect and to maintain the beauty of nature in Florida, USA:

Clean Air Act

Well, believe it or not, Florida had 946 facilities that regulate under Clean Air Act in 2014. However, Florida is on the highest list that facilitates or participates in the Clean Air Act.

Furthermore, the Clean Air Act is emphasizing or focusing on reducing air pollution. It maintains the air quality and reduces air pollutants such as chemical plants and more.

Clean Water Act

If there is a “Clean Air Act,” then the next implemented law is called “Clean Water Act.”

However, it is almost similar to the implemented law, the “Clean Air Act.” But fortunately, it focuses on the waters such as lakes, rivers, and other wetlands.

Likewise, the Clean Water Act is a law that reduces water pollution that includes the chemical plants, steel manufacturers and others. Moreover, Florida had 23,531 facilities in the Clean Water Act.

Federal Land Policy

The Federal Land Policy is focused on conservation, recreation, natural and oil gas extraction, forest management and more.

Likewise, it involves the management of natural resources owned by the government. Furthermore, the federal government had 640 million total acres of land. The acres of land is actually managed by the federal government.

The city of Florida is one of the best cities in the United States. There is no doubt that the implemented laws are quite helpful to make it a better place for everyone.

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